This website was born out of the frustration of the webmaster not being able to easily find HEMA related videos. So it is somewhat a selfish project. But hopefully it is also of aid to you.

I hope that you can find the video of the technique, fight, etc. that you are looking for easily. If you have any suggestions on how to make the website better please let me know. Or if you have suggestions of videos that you think should be on here. Anything HEMA related is welcome. I want everything from rapier, to longsword, to ringen, to backsword, to… Well you get the point.

Alternatively, if you come across a video that belongs to you, and you wish it to be removed. Please just let me know. I try to get permission for all of the videos on here. But some do slip by.

All rights and ownership of the videos remain with the original uploaders of the videos. This website is simple an aggregator, and maintains no rights to the videos posted in it.

Please enjoy.